Welcome to the new home of the Minnesota Paranormal Investigators. We have been explaining the unexplainable in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin since 1991.

Our goal is to seek out and authenticate potential evidence of ghosts, research ghost stories, sightings and conduct investigations into paranormal activity in Minnesota (specifically the Twin City Metro area) and western Wisconsin.  Our main focus is to assist those experiencing problems with the paranormal or ghostly activity.  We look for evidence through photography, EVPs (electronic voice phenomena), and anomalous EMF (electromagnetic field) readings to determine if the location is haunted.  In addition, some of our members have demonstrated psychic/medium ability, so we do not need to refer people to a third party if ghostly or spirit activity is detected.

We do not claim to be experts in the paranormal, as no experts truly exist at this time.  As researchers we strive to collect acceptable evidence of ghosts and hauntings, and the possibility of an afterlife.  An effort is placed on using the best technology available to us to present physical evidence we collect and use psychic feedback so that we can advise our clients and assist them in making informed decisions about their paranormal situations.

Experiencing the paranormal or just have questions. Please contact us.